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Sonora - Mojave Yellow Perforated Unlined

78 Sonora

The Sonora collection takes the humble roper glove with elevated style and fit. A short glove offers freedom of movement with the versatility to wear both on and off your machine. A lined Sonora makes the perfect winter glove for a stroll in the park or for braving the cold steering wheel on a winter morning. The feel of a soft, short glove is a true treat and at 78 we can be found gloved up riding our bicycles, walking our dog and driving the car!

The Sonora takes cues from classic roper gloves from a bygone era but importantly improves the fitting and cut for a supreme glove experience. A close fit ensures feel through the bars without excess materials causing mayhem. Top grade hides of the finest quality ensure comfort on the move; there is nothing worse than a coarse, ill fitting glove to ruin your ride.

We created a collection of the Sonora to suit a variety of applications and climates with fully lined versions for cooler temps to fully perforated, unlined versions for warmer climates.

Each Sonora is die cut for precision with just two main seams for incredible durability. Every pair is made by hand together by experienced artisan glove cutters in California available in a selection of exclusive hues to suit your style.

Designer: 78 Motor Co.

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