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Hedonist Wheels & Waves 2021


This limited-edition collaboration between Wheels & Waves and Hedon was inspired by the Hossegor artist Lucky Left Hand and is marked by stunning golden lettering on a glossy black and ivory-white base. More urban and elegant than previous collaborations the finish is impeccable as always with hand-stitched black natural leather trim and lining, gold Hedon plate, anodized black brass hardware and DD buckle. We like to wear it with a transparent visor but it looks amazing with or without. It's impossible to walk around Hossegor or Seignosse without encountering the colourful work of Lucky Left Hand (real name Steven Burke). Playing with the natural codes and aesthetics of the Landes, seeking simplicity as a principle of universality, the artist lends new colours and shapes to the world he observes and admires. An interpretation that he puts on canvas, on walls in the form of frescoes, or translated into volume where the hand, symbol of man in harmony with nature, holds a place of choice. A vision that he also adapts to posters, like those of the festival for which he designed three original works from 2013 to 2015.

Hedonist is the perfect open face Hedon lid for those devoted to the ride in the pursuit of unrivalled pleasure. In our widest spectrum of personalities, you will always find your perfect partner; paired with either our shield or bubble visor, available in a wide range of colours including smoke and mirror.

  • Composite fibre shell of fibreglass and carbon fibre
  • Black, White and Metallic gold painted shell using automotive paints, gloss finish
  • Hed Armour lining with 360° cushion padding
  • Merlin anti-bacterial fabric
  • Black leather lining
  • Black leather trim
  • Brass HEDON plate
  • Anodised black brass hardware
  • Brass DD buckle
  • 3 channel ventilation system
  • 7 different, compatible sexy coloured visors (to be bought as a separate accessory)
  • Ultra-light and low-profile shell
  • Weight: XS/S: 850+/-50 grams, M/L: 900+/-50 grams, XL: 950+/-50 grams, XXL: 1000+/-50 grams

ECE 2205 (This means they are road legal for all of Europe and the UK)

Designer: HEDON

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