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Model Kit T-Shirt

Light weight 100% cotton loose knit tees. Front pocket with small design. Main design on the back.

El Solitario T-shirts overprinted in high definition and then rewashed in order to give them a super soft handle. The cut is slim, the sleeves a bit loose and the necks open.

Who hasn’t succumbed to the radness of TAMIYA© Model Kits? For the wolves this awesome Japanese brand was the genesis of our deep love and understanding of all motorized artifacts and the fire starter of our wildest dreams. 

Because of our love and respect for the TAMIYA© brand and the good times its given to our families we wanted to make this lil’ homage to the japanese brand, envisioning what it would look like if they made a 1/12 scale model kit of our dearest wolf El Solitario Petardo.

Designer: El Solitario

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